Choosing Four Card Keno Base Numbers

Choosing Four Card Keno Base Numbers

One particular thing which I’m often asked about is the selection of four card keno base numbers. It always astonishes me when I get an email asking about base numbers that being said, for the purposes of clearness maybe a better clarification is required.

For people that don’t makes use of the guide, “A Winners Guide to Video Keno” permit me to give you a little background: The most tried and successful methods of multiplying your Video Keno jackpots is by employing a mathematical reduction. That is, using a selection of base numbers and arranging them into scaled-down groups in the most efficient way.

What is a Four Card Keno Base Number?

In Four Card Keno, we know that the more numbers from which you chose the more inclined that you are to win something. However the less numbers that you select the larger the top prize will be when you do win. Therefore the best way will likely be a blend of picking more numbers and having as many of those numbers overlap as possible. We utilize a base number to help make that happen. four card keno

A base number is greater than your target spot. In case your target is a 5 spot, then your base number might consist of 7 numbers which will be reduced to play 5 spots with the 4 different cards. The trick would be to overlap the keno base numbers within a nicely balanced mode supplying you with exposure to a lot more possibilities and at the same time increase the amount of your winnings by winning on more than one card. With that being said, that’s the tale of base numbers as well as why we use them within our top selling guide.

Regarding choosing your base numbers, that is entirely up to you. You may use whichever numbers that burst into your head, date of birth, ages of your friends, whichever numbers you intend to employ. With that in mind, you’ll find the techniques such as the usage of quadrants, triplets among others which are mentioned in greater detail within the PDF guide.



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