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Keno Guide to Keno Winning Numbers

“A Winners Guide to Video Keno”

Finally, A Video Keno system that really works!!!

You may now play Keno and Four Card Keno better, more proficiently and unlock the door to a surge of jackpots! Hot Keno Numbers has made it simple to get the greatest winning combinations for playing Four Card Keno – immediately. You will be able to win with greater regularity while playing multiple cards, play longer and win much larger jackpots. Additionally you can save precious time in the process. All you will need is loaded into this one 23 page PDF e-book, “A Winners Guide to Video Keno”.

You are going to be impressed by how easily the patterns and combinations work. For experienced gamblers and newbies, having winning number combinations is completely foolproof and simple. What is even better, smaller wins and massive jackpots alike are doubled, tripled and even quadrupled.

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I have personally hit over $6000 in one month with this.





28 Single Card Patterns/ 9 Four Card Patterns plus more!!

  • SINGLE CARD KENO-8 Different Winning Patterns 6 Spots
  • SINGLE CARD KENO-7 Different Winning Patterns 7 Spots
  • SINGLE CARD KENO-8 Different Winning Patterns 8 Spots
  • SINGLE CARD KENO-5 Different Winning Patterns 9 and 10 Spots
  • 4 CARD KENO 8 Different 6 Spots
  • 4 CARD KENO 7 Spots (My friend hits $40-60k a year with this one!)
  • 4 CARD KENO 7, 8 AND 9 Spot Patterns
  • 3- TOP WINNING MULTI CARD (20 Card Game) Patterns

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