How to Play Video Keno

How to Play Video Keno

How to Play Video Keno

Learning how to play video keno can be very exciting. There are many different games and aspects to the playing of video keno. First off the number one video keno machine in made by IGT and is named Game King. Game King has a few different types of video keno that you can choose from and we will discuss each of them in detail. Get ready to learn all about how to play video keno.

Cleopatra Keno

cleopatra keno
Cleopatra keno is a brand of video keno where you the player selects a certain amount of numbers that you wish to play. You can pick depending on the size of your wager that you wish to play. Most people select anywhere from 3 -10 numbers and whatever pattern and placement you decide on. The numbers are then randomly picked by the random number generator and displayed on your screen in red. If one of the numbers that you have chosen is picked last out of the total of 20 drawn, then you will get free bonus spins at double your bet. I personally have won most of my video keno winnings playing Cleopatra keno.

Caveman Keno

caveman keno
Caveman keno is another form of video keno that you can play on the Game King machines. In Caveman Keno you select your winning numbers that you think will win and pick anywhere from 3-10 numbers depending again on what you would like to wager. Remember the more numbers you pick the higher your bet becomes but also the higher the jackpot is as well if you hit more numbers. Once you pick the numbers you wish to play, the machine randomly picks 20 numbers in that round. They also drop 3 eggs and if any of those eggs land on a number that you chose, your winnings get multiplied. That is a fantastic bonus for getting higher paybacks and a possible jackpot.

Multi Card Keno

multi card keno

Multi Card Keno is yet another choice you may get on the Game King machines. Multi card keno is much more expensive as you are able to wager on up to 20 different cards. Once again the wagers and the paybacks are contingent on how many numbers you want to play. I usually play 20 cards and choose different patterns on each card with some overlapping numbers to increase my jackpot chances such as Card A, I will pick 34,35,36,44,45,46,54,55 and then on Card B choose 25,35,45,55,26,36,46 and so where I have a chance on multiple numbers on different cards. I have hit thousands of dollars playing Multi Card Keno but it can come at some expense. I normally play $100 and with 20 cards that is $5 per game. When you hit you hit big time.

Power Pay Keno

power pay keno

Power Pay is another type of video keno that can be played. Once again you choose the amount of numbers that you want to play and off you go. In the game of Power Pay the bonus is when you have one of thew numbers you played is drawn then your payback will increase to 4x. This is a fantastic way to get yourself a higher payout. Remember that the more numbers you play the higher the return on your winnings is.

How to Play Video Keno Conclusion

Well there you have some new options to try out next time you wish to play a new version of video keno. Some people have their lucky numbers and others choose to play birthdays, anniversaries and etc. Just remember that whatever game you choose to play, the number one rule is to have fun and don’t get in over your head! Choose a game to play, pick your strategy and off you go on your way to a day of fun filled excitement and hopefully winning. how to play video keno

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