Keno Progressive Jackpot Hit

A Video Keno Jackpot was struck with 8 off 8 spots playing nickels for over $4600 at sunset section in Henderson NV simply beyond the Nevada city limits but a brief 15 minute drive through the strip! There’s still hope for 9 spot people though as their 9 spot nickel jackpot nonetheless sits over $4500. This really is playing the max wager of course at .20 cents a-game. Perhaps not a negative hit when it comes to lucky individual who struck that keno jackpot modern. Regional gambling enterprises often provide better keno modern jackpots and better video clip poker pay tables also better chances at craps, 21 black jack and more!

All the best in 8 spot keno and betting generally speaking may move back and forth it’s important to be thankful for what you do have instead of everything you don’t when wishing for a fortunate Vegas gambling trip.

Be thankful when it comes to water that hydrates you, the food that energizes you, your house that sleeps you, together with individuals who shield you. Distribute this lucky power when you are sort and smile to those around you, take care of those that last, and pay forward when life is short for you.

Although we didn’t strike the 8 off 8 spot keno modern jackpot i did find a way to strike 7 out 8 many times on these lender of devices situated beside the gift store. These small jackpots nonetheless pay over $300 for a small .20 cent wager.

On these games there is a 10 spot 9 spot and 8 spot modern jackpot. The 8 spot is reset to around $1600 today. The 10 spot modern had previously been at 20,000 at some point and some lucky individual struck it, and it is today around $2,000.

All the best luck with the keno progressive jackpots!

Keno Progressive jackpot 7 off 8