Multi Card Keno

Multi Card Keno

Multi card keno would be the most recent variation of web based keno that there is! Multi card uses the traditional Chinese game and amps up a fully 7 levels! You will definitely like a multi card version of keno, meaning it is easy to play on around seven tickets within a round. This guarantees even more entertainment along with boosting your odds to succeed!

This cool new twist over the timeless casino game has brilliant graphics and animations associated with music and sound effects. The expertise of multi card is enhanced exponentially by its presentation.multi card keno

Multi card provides the player the chance to buy up to 15 hot keno numbers per keno ticket. In case you are lucky enough to hit all 15 numbers, you can expect to win 10,000x your wager. Unless you are able to hit all 15, you probably can still win prizes from hitting just 3 out of 15 numbers. Even if you select under 15 numbers, the payouts will vary depending on how many numbers you have chosen. You will not need to select the same amount of degrees of every ticket, so you can choose 15 on several, 10 on others and you will even attempt choosing 5 numbers using a ticket.

Yet another on the amazing and revolutionary customization features will be the choice to play anywhere from 1 to 7 keno tickets per round. This is what supplies multi card its name. Each ticket is basically a whole new game of online keno, so taking part in one round might be like playing seven rounds of normal online keno.

It’s not simple to come up with 15 numbers that you like – particularly 7 distinctive sets of 15 numbers. However this new game in the casino is created with a Quick Pick feature in order to crank out your keno numbers randomly. This as well increases the complete task, so that it not only makes number selecting a lot easier, but quicker as well.

Hitting the Play button over and over may be exhausting. Taking advantage of multiple games simultaneously eliminates this matter by having an autoplay mode where you can play nearly 100 rounds of Keno at one time.

Multi Card Keno Jackpots Won

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